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What is the meaning of Cogito Ergo Sum?

Rene Descartes, a firm believer of freedom of thought and expression, a great French philosopher and scientist, gave this theory called ‘Cogito’ that means, I think, therefore I am in order to eliminate universal doubt.

He quoted:

“It is necessary to know what doubt is, and what thought is, [what existence is] before we can be fully persuaded of this reasoning — I doubt, therefore I am — or what is the same — I think, therefore I am.”

This theory is based upon a test called “Methodic Doubt,” which is a philosophy in which something is proved by tentatively doubting its existence.

How do you pronounce it?

Classical cogito ergo sum pronunciation in Latin: /’ko:gito ‘ergo: sum/

  • (Classical) IPA /ˈkoː.ɡi.toː ˈer.ɡoː sum/, [ˈkoː.ɡɪ.t̪oː ˈɛr.ɡoː s̠ʊ̃ˑ]
  • (Ecclesiastical) IPA: /ˈko.d͡ʒ ˈer.ɡo sum/, [ˈkɔː.d͡ʒi.t̪ɔ ˈɛr.ɡɔ sum]

Cogito in Urdu:

انسان کا شعور اس کے وجود کا ثبوت ہے

Cogito Ergo Sum pronunciation

Why is it important?

“I doubt, therefore I think. I think, therefore I am.”

Rene Descartes, in his book Discourse on Method (1637), used this term “cogito ergo sum”  (pronunciation: ‘ko:gito ‘ergo: sum ) [ which means ‘I think, therefore I am in English] to present to the world the idea that a person’s existence is the most sublime truth through the evidence that he is able to think and come up with many ideas. The world of abstract ideas and the truth of human existence is joined with a thin line that recognizes how ideas and thoughts are proof that one exists.

He said he doubts things that lead him to think, and thus, being able to think shows his existence is real. He has used these three words in order to define the philosophy of existence without using lengthy arguments. This philosophy makes people question what is real and what is not. According to Descartes, the truth about human existence is important than the world of imagination and thoughts. If a person believes something or even doubts it, he is very real to think or doubt.

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Is Cogito Ergo Sum Valid?

I think it is very much valid; this theory called ‘Cogito.’ Because if, for some reason, I start thinking that I do not exist and that everything around me is just a mere illusion and nothing seems to be real, or if I start thinking there is some stronger, omnipotent, unconquerable force that is controlling me and that nothing except Him is real then I very much am aware of my existence too. Because if I doubt the presence of everything around me, including me, or think that there is an even greater force controlling me, then I am very much real. I am real to doubt or accept the existence of something or to be controlled by something or someone.

And if I am not real and a certain demon is trying to compel me into thinking I am, then I may be very much real to be deceived by him.

Cogito Ergo Sum pronunciation in other languages:

In Arabic:
أعتقد ، لذلك أنا موجود

‘aetaqid , ldhlk ‘ana mawjud

In Hindi:

मुझे लगता है इसलिए मैं हूँmujhe lagata hai isalie main hoon

In German:

Ich denke, also bin ich

In French:

Je pense donc je suis

In Chinese:

我思故我在Wǒ sī gùwǒ zài

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